Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Paul Hackett, Brian Schweitzer --- let's clone 'em

Huh, you're probably thinking isn't this supposed to be a Brian Schweitzer blog?

Yes, this is a Schweitzer blog---rest assured you've come to the right place.

We just think it is worthwhile to twine Hackett with Schweitzer this week (for those of you unfamiliar with Paul Hackett, he is an Iraqi war veteran who just lost an Ohio congressional race by a mere 4 points to a Republican in a heavily GOP district).

Hackett carried the rural voters in the area. We repeat, Hackett won the hearts and minds of many of those who have abandoned the Democratic Party. Those who have been voting Republican because they believe too many of the standard bearers of the Democratic Party have abandoned their economic interests. They have. That, and become so wishy-washy in speaking out and standing for something.

Paul Hackett speaks his mind. At the same time he said he would (and did) lay down his life to protect President Bush and the United States, he also criticized Dubya over various presidential policies, including Iraq.

Paul Hackett speaks from his head AND heart, thereby rationally and emotionally connecting to those he is addressing. Our guess is that he received votes from some who didn't agree all that much with his political stances but liked his style.

Paul Hackett doesn't speak like a policy wonk. You won't hear him quoting government statistics and issuing labored five minute, minutae-laden responses to questions.

Clone Paul Hackett and the Democratic Party would experience a rebirth.

However, Brian Schweitzer got there first. he showed how to get it done. Speak up, speak out. Instill in people the confidence that you can, with their assistance, move forward and make things better. Montanans were looking for someone like that. Many in the other 49 states in this country are seeking the same.

Forget the focus groups, the overnight polling, the D.C.-numbed consultants.



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