Sunday, October 02, 2005

At the risk of sounding like a broken record...

We have written this before and this week none other than The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol said such---that maybe, just maybe, the American public is going to be so fed up with the Corruption, Incorporated that is presently Washington D.C. that anyone affiliated with Congress, Democrat or Republican, will have no chance for the presidency in 2008.

Oh, for it to be so!

Well, we truly believe that 2008 will be the Year of the Outsider, a la little known Jimmy Carter coming out of Georgia to win the presidency in the wake of the scandal-ridden Nixon era.

That is why we have our plan of presenting Montana Democratic Governor Brian Schweitzer with a petition laden with thousands of signatures in 2007, asking and urging that he consider running for President of the United States in 2008.

Straight talk and action, coupled with integrity, transparent values and ethics on display---all will be like manna from heaven to so, so many of the electorate desperate for a time of integrity.

And that description is representative of Brian Schweitzer, who was elected by a majority of Montanans looking for such a change in 2004.

Think about it--Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry loses Republican Montana by close to 30 points while Schweitzer pulls out a victory. Montana became Lourdes for at least a day!

This happened because Schweitzer talked-and-walked his values, stating it was time for the average Joe-and-Jane to have a representative in government, that government policy solely by-and-for the corporatocracy would be over with his election. Schweitzer had no interest in governing as a means of enriching himself or his cronies.

No, Schweitzer is not a candidate for sainthood. He would be the first to say this, along with his usual caveat that such is not a position of any interest to him. What drives him is his vision to return control of Montana to its citizens who just want a fair economic shake, a fair educational shake, affordable health care coverage, a healthy land to enjoy and just plain honesty from its elected officials.

Please check out the Schweitzer For President petition to the right of this post. For your sake, for this country's sake.


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