Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Billings Gazette gives kudos to Brian Schweitzer

Contrast the following with the Bush Administration worshipping the 'secrecy-above-all-else' altar. If democracy is of, by and for the people, who do you want leading it--those who disdain the public's right to know or Brian Schweitzer?
Gazette opinion: Schweitzer defends public's right to know

November 17, 2005

Despite the weather, there was sunshine in Helena this week. Gov. Brian Schweitzer sought to protect the people's right to know in a complaint he filed against the board responsible for eight public pension funds.

A complaint filed for the governor in District Court alleges that the Public Employees' Retirement Board violated the state's open-meetings statute as well as the Montana Constitution's mandate for public access in meetings held between August and November. Schweitzer's complaint challenges the PERB's recent meetings on these points:

# Failing to include action items, such as the executive director's retirement and the hiring of a new executive director, on its printed agendas.

# Holding board and committee meetings in secret, having provided no public notice of the meetings.

The governor asked the court to void those meetings as well as the entire selection process for a new executive director and the job offer that was made after the meetings.

The Gazette ends its editorial with:

...Schweitzer had already taken some extraordinary steps in his administration to increase public information about state government. The governor has opened his Cabinet meetings and even meetings in his office to the media.
Montana's governor is making good on his promise of open government. That's good news for all Montanans.
To read the entire editorial, go here.


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