Monday, January 23, 2006

Schweitzer gets a 'thumbs-up' from women's groups

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer didn't quite 'ace' this paerticular rating but came mighty close.
Women's group gives Schweitzer B+

Associated Press
January 20, 2006

HELENA -- A coalition of women's groups issued a report card on Gov. Brian Schweitzer Friday, saying he mostly did a good job in looking out for their interests.

Montana Women Vote gave Schweitzer an overall grade of B+.

The governor did an excellent job in supporting domestic violence programs and abortion rights, the group said.

Schweitzer got lower marks in other areas for supporting a ban on gay marriage, not putting more money into social service programs and pushing for more coal-fired power plants that could harm the environment...

...Montana Women Vote is an umbrella group that includes other organizations like the Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, NARAL ProChoice Montana, Planned Parenthood, Working for Equality and Education Liberation and others.
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