Thursday, March 16, 2006

Schweitzer calling all 'former' Montanans

Actually, some people probably always will consider themselves Montanans regardless of their current residence but Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer recently issued an appeal to 'come home' to those who haven't forsaken their roots:
Montana Ambassadors
Gov. Schweitzer, Fisher of Men
By Richard Martin, 3-07-06

Sounding like George McGovern in his "Come Home, America" mode, Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer made an impassioned – well, an exuberant, anyway – plea last night to a small group of expat Montanans now in exile in way-too-civilized Denver to return to Big Sky Country, and to bring their checkbooks with them.

"I'm here to help you rediscover Montana, and to bring you home," Schweitzer told a meeting at the Denver Botanic Gardens. "We need you and we want you. And if we can't convince you to come home we hope you'll consider investing in Montana."
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