Saturday, June 24, 2006

Call it framing, call it whatever, Dems in Montana do it

The use of language has been debated endlessly in talk about what the Democratic Party needs to change in order to finally be successful.

Look at the following excerpts. They are so spot-on in use of language that certainly works for moving the 'spirit' of the majority of Montanans but also for the entire country.

Look to the Mountain West!
Democrats tour state on "Real Montana, Real Change" campaign

Associated Press
June 16, 2006

HELENA -- Leading Democrats and the party's congressional candidates joined together under a "Real Montana, Real Change" banner in an election kickoff event that featured heavy criticism of incumbent Republican U.S. Sen. Conrad Burns.

Democratic challenger Jon Tester "has enough Montana in his soul that he will never allow some corporate lobbyist to change his vote," said Gov. Brian Schweitzer, the man credited with energizing the Democratic party in the state.

Schweitzer, who became the state's first Democratic governor in 16 years when elected in 2004, noted similarities between Tester and himself. Their grandparents homesteaded near each other and both were born in the same hospital in Havre.

Burns has lost touch and is selling "Montana's votes to the highest bidder," Schweitzer said...

Senator Max Baucus said he does believe years of holding power in D.C. has corrupted the GOP, saying "values have been skewed."

"Montanans made the right choice by sending a farmer to Helena, Governor Brian Schweitzer, and Montanans are going to make the right choice when they send a farmer to the United States Senate, Jon Tester," Baucus said.

John Morrison supported his old foe, taking the podium to bash Burns.

"Because of people like Conrad Burns, we don't have a democracy in Washington D.C., we have an auction," he said.
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