Sunday, June 05, 2005

An amazing two-fer by Schweitzer

What politician do you know that's capable of uniting the constantly-warring Democratic factions of environmentalists and union workers? If you said Brian Schweitzer, you're right. Take a look at this quote from union member T. Scott Brineman:

The morning was spent with the Democratic Candidate for Gov. of Montana, Brian Schweitzer, who impressed me as well as many of the delegates with his support of Unions and the many progressive causes that we identified as necessary for survival. He deserves our support in his bid for office.

And then this from the Montana Conservation Voters:

Billings Montana Conservation Voters today announced that it has endorsed Whitefish farmer Brian Schweitzer for Governor. “Brian Schweitzer understands that the protection and enhancement of our clean water and air, public health, our hunting and fishing values, and Montana’s special places and open spaces is key to moving Montana’s economy forward,” said Julia Page, a Gardiner small business owner and member of the Montana Conservation Voters Board of Directors.

“I make my living on the Yellowstone River, and appreciate that Brian advocates the protection of our rivers, lakes and streams, and places high value on the importance of water to public health, recreation and agriculture,” Page said.

“The growth in Montana’s economy is tied to natural landscapes, our world class hunting and fishing and wide open spaces. Other candidates and many state policy makers don’t understand this. Brian Schweitzer does, and that’s why the conservation community supports him,” Page continued.

Oh, and he manages to win over the hunters and ranchers too. From the same piece:

John Gibson, a lifelong hunter and fisherman from Billings said “Finally, we have a candidate for governor who will stand up for the public’s right to access public land and water for hunting, fishing and recreation. Other candidates oppose these public values. We have a real chance for a change in direction with Brian Schweitzer. I cannot imagine why any thinking hunter, angler or outdoor enthusiast would vote for those who advocate more of the same.” Gibson continued.

This guy is amazing. Simply amazing. 'Nuff said.


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