Thursday, June 16, 2005

Sirota and Doherty PLAN well; Schweitzer involved

David Sirota, Governor Schweitzer's former campaign aide and progressive lion (I've blogged on him before), is starting up a Progressive Legislative Action Network (PLAN) to instill progressive values and agenda items into state government. The organization's co-chair is former Montana Senate Minority Leader Steve Doherty.

New West's Courtney Lowery has a good write-up on the group. Courtney explains why the foundation will be based in Montana:

It isn't a fluke either that this large network is based in, of all places, Montana. Further proof, I like to believe, that the West is ripe for change, ripe for action and ripe for the kind of notoreity this type of organzation can bring to the region.

"I think it's important that we deal with states that may have been looked upon as "red" states in the past," Doherty said adding that the success of pragmatic and "progressive" leaders in Western states (read: Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer) has helped bring the network to the region. "Unless we start making changes in places like Montana, the Midwestern states and the Rocky Mountain states, progressives are going to be on the losing end of things."
Schweitzer's very involved in this effort, too. Along with his connections to Doherty and Sirota, he will make an appearance at the group's kickoff event, along with John Edwards and the (unfortunately invited) former Mayor Willie Brown of San Fransisco.

So -- a nationwide effort modeled on Schweitzer's success in Montana, garnering high praise for the Governor himself. What more could we at Schweitzer for President ask for?


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