Monday, June 13, 2005

Good article on Schweitzer and the National Guard

Schweitzer's got a good quote in this national story, explaining why he thinks it's necessary to pull Montana Guard troops out of Iraq to defend their home state against fires:

In Montana, where about 50 percent of the Army National Guard has been deployed, Schweitzer has asked the Pentagon to send home some of his 1,500 soldiers. He wants them back in time for the summer fire season, and he wants the helicopters that went with them.

"Understand this," Schweitzer said. "I am not a governor who would suggest the soldiers of Montana will not carry their share of the load in any conflict." But he said he also must look out for the safety of his state, and the Guard is the most powerful tool at his disposal.
And apparently the issue was resolved through compromise, which I hadn't known:

Schweitzer said he withdrew his request after he was promised Guard troops and helicopters from other states if necessary. But that comes with its own problems, he said, such as the possibility of flat-land pilots being asked to navigate through forested mountains.
Good on Schweitzer for sounding pro-national security while attacking the Bush Administration. Another thing Dems can learn from the Guv.


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