Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Freep this poll

The first up-or-down poll on Schweitzer's support, posted here. Head over there and show your support for the Governor!

While you're at it, read Myles' reposting of a Salt Lake Tribune article by John Yewell (the original is no longer posted at the Tribune's website). Among the tasty tidbits:

Since November an idea has been percolating up from what has become known in the Internet age as the "netroots" of the Democratic Party: Should it adopt a Western strategy?

The story has been flying under the radar as the major media have obsessed over a westerner named Schwarzenegger. Meanwhile, a guy name named Schweitzer has become the darling of this new movement. ...

If Western Democrats consolidate these gains in 2006, the national party should look closely in 2008 at candidates with a little dirt under their fingernails, at least for vice president. Out here, we prefer blue collars to blue bloods.
Dig in, folks!


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