Sunday, June 05, 2005

Schweitzer for higher education, Part II

From The Missoulian:

Expanding these in-demand [two-year college] programs in Montana has been a major focus of Gov. Brian Schweitzer and the state Board of Regents, which oversees the Montana university system.

This year, the state is pumping an additional $4.4 million into Montana's two-year degree programs. Each of the state's seven two-year programs will automatically receive $200,000; they must compete for the remaining $3 million.

Schweitzer said 95 percent of the graduates of two-year programs have jobs waiting for them in Montana. And he said having these skilled workers is key to economic development.

"As I try to attract new investment in Montana, the question they always have is: 'Can you train and retrain adults?' " Schweitzer said in a telephone interview last week.

Montana needs to be able to offer a better skilled work force than neighboring states if it wants to attract new business, he said.

"Economic development is like hiking in grizzly bear country," Schweitzer said. "You don't have to be fast, you just have to be faster than somebody else."
The Governor, it appears, doesn't sleep. (Neither do I. :) 'Night, all.)


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