Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Schweitzer slams Bush's anti-environmental policies

After I've just finished attacking Kos for his anti-women article, here's a hat tip to the "first among liberal bloggers and Schweitzer supporters" for his catch on Schweitzer:

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer has (figuratively) told President Bush to either put up or shut up on the administration's new roadless rule.

The administration announced last month that it had overturned the Clinton-era roadless rule, opening up 58 million acres of roadless land in the West (6.9 million in Montana) to road building. That is, unless governors petition otherwise. Governors now have 18 months to make the decisions on these lands, a responsibility that does not sit well with Schweitzer.

"They've given me a broke-down baler and a vice-grip and told me to bale hay," Schweitzer told New West Tuesday afternoon.
Kos's take on the Schweitzer quote:

Schweitzer defends Clinton's roadless rule protecting our nation's forrests, and he doesn't sound like a tree huger. And as always, he's fearless.
Schweitzer's support continues to build. If he can make environmentalism cool again, what can't he do?

[Update] New West has a copy of Schweitzer's letter to Bush posted. It's a doozy.


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