Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Schweitzer for President supports Women Kossacks

Among other things, this site is a constituent of the liberal blogosphere community. As such, I'm going to go off-topic for a bit and take this moment to discuss some of the happenings over at another site I visit, the venerable Daily Kos.

Kos has up an ad showing two scantily clad women throwing pies at each other. In response to criticisms of this ad, Kos put up this post attacking the "sanctimonious women's studies set" for their prudishness. A lot of prominent women posters took issue with this phrasing (justly, I think) and have left the site. Some of them have gone to Booman Tribune, which appears to be a more hospitable site for them. Many also have started a new site, Women Kossacks, which has garnered high traffic and wide readership.

While Schweitzer for President remains an active and contented member of the Kos community, I am proud to be the first blogger (that I know of) to blogroll Women Kossacks. May they have a long and prosperous run as the newest member of the liberal blogosphere.

It's all in the spirit of Governor Schweitzer himself, who is more popular with Montana women than men and has made a point of elevating Native American women to the highest echelons of Montana government. Schweitzer's message to women, as to all underprivileged American constituencies: You Matter. It's a message I will hopefully be able to articulate on this site in the coming months.


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