Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Should Schweitzer start his own leadership PAC?

Left in the West's Matt Singer thinks so, and his opinion is one I trust. We have a couple of mutual friends, and from everything I hear Matt is one hell of a hard-working, stand-up guy.

Some excerpts from Matt's post:

I think Schweitzer has an opportunity here for some national leadership even if he isn’t as interested in higher office as these people indicate they’d like him to be. Why not launch a real leadership PAC? That term gets thrown around a lot by politicians who raise huge corporate money and turn the money around and give it to anyone who is running with the same letter behind their name, especially if those people share the home state or live in New Hampshire or Iowa.

So why not really lead with a leadership PAC? Dean did this to some extent with Democracy for America, a grassroots-leadership PAC that endorsed candidates not based solely on party affiliation, but on whether they demonstrated the kind of leadership the party needs now.

Schweitzer could do the same. He’s got the national following. ActBlue’s technology would make it easy for the donations to be done at a grassroots stage.
Of course, I want to see Schweitzer run for Presidnet in '08. But why couldn't the Governor do that and still lead by helping other, less-privileged populists rise to the top of the national heap?

My only trepidation about the idea is that Schweitzer's documented dislike of PACs is extremely popular in Montana. However, the Governor is an intelligent man, and I believe he's more than qualified to explain to Montana voters how a leadership PAC is different than the special-interest groups they've grown to loathe. I wholeheartedly endorse Matt's idea.

On another note, the ever-vigilant Kevin McCarthy notes that Schweitzer has just signed a bill providing legal aid to the poor and indigent, again saying You Matter to an underprivileged group. Article here.


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