Thursday, August 11, 2005

Reality v. Naivete In The Real World

Yes, I am aware that the Brian Schweitzer administration requested and received corporate funds to conduct the 2005 Governor's Ball, heralding Schweitzer's gubernatorial triumph and the rebirth of the Democratic Party in Montana.

Do I wish no corporate 'gifts' were involved? Absolutely.

Is it naive to think such a get-together could be conducted without outside funding? Absolutely.

So, I grudgingly agree with Schweitzer's actions. I wish such a celebration could be conducted via small individual donations but that simply isn't a financial reality no matter how much I wish it were so.

Here is a bit on the this story from the August, 11, 2005, edition of the Billings Outpost. The funding for the 2005 Governor's Ball, the 'audit' of it and, of course, the predictable Republican reaction are all covered.

More and more the Montana GOP comes off like a group of bratty children who all of a sudden find out that they no longer rule the sandbox.

They offer nothing but petulant criticism (see yet another example in the Billings Outpost article). It's probably about time for further outcry about of Schweitzer's dog (yes, believe it or not, the Montana Republican Party has ALREADY resorted to such) but maybe the GOP will get extra creative and critique Schweitzer's lawn mowing or how he saddles his horse. Sadly, such isn't beyond them.

You'll see why in the Billings Outpost article.


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