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Brian Schweitzer to receive national attention -- scheduled to be on "60 Minutes"

Them city slickers in New York have come all the way from the canyons in Manhattan to pursue to story on Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer. Well, kudos to them.

Schweitzer is going to featured in a segment of "60 Minutes" which may air in February, although no specific date has been set.

Here's the info from The Missoulian:
Schweitzer subject of upcoming ‘60 Minutes' news segment
By Missoulian State Bureau

HELENA - Gov. Brian Schweitzer, who's been the subject of several stories in national press outlets, will be profiled by the CBS news-magazine show "60 Minutes,” his office confirmed Friday.

Crews from "60 Minutes,” including longtime CBS newswoman Lesley Stahl, were in the state filming last weekend. They interviewed Schweitzer at a Helena-area ranch and at the state Capitol, said Schweitzer spokeswoman Sarah Elliott.

Elliott said "60 Minutes” is doing a profile piece on Schweitzer and that much of its time in Montana was spent focusing on energy issues and Schweitzer's interest in promoting the conversion of coal into diesel fuel.

Since last summer, Schweitzer has been talking about using Montana coal as part of a project to manufacture liquid fuels, to increase domestic fuel production.

CBS crews went with the governor last Monday to Colstrip, the site of a major coal mine and coal-fired power plants, Elliott said.
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Blogger BeSerGuv said...


You might want to incorporate more reality in your stories. Governor Buffoon- or as both Democrats and Republicans call him "Governor BS", the babbling buffoon blew it for Montana when he said he has to wash himself in the same soap people use to wash their skunked dog when he visits federal legislators in Washington DC.

The numskull is incredibly inept at understanding politics and acutally accomplishing real policy changes. I mean really, he told the environmental whack cases that he would end hard rock mining, then he pushes through the mine in Libby. He tells whoever is in the room what they want to hear and in the end he does very little. Hell, he couldn't even solve the education problem, the business equipment tax problem, he did exempt all timber sales from environmental review on state lands that exceed 200,000 board feet- I'll hand him that.

Otherwise, he hired 19 lobbyists to his administration and now wants to ban lobbyists. I mean come on. It's ridiculous.

He blew it for Montana at the federal level when he insulted the very federal legislators who Montana needs to provide seed money for a coal gasification plant.

Already Wyoming penned a deal for a plant and Colorado is vying for federal money.

Guest Opinion Billings Gazette

Please Governor – Use Your Head

For all the solutions Governor Schweitzer said he would pursue, I wish he would have smartly followed through on the possibility of Montana, which is the Saudi Arabia of Coal in the west, building a coal gasification plant.

Gasification is the technology that turns coal into gasoline. Get one going and it will reduce the price of fuel by creating more supply.

The plant start up costs are huge and therefore some serious tax exemptions are needed.

The problem is that the Governor was late getting off the mark, and with one of the issues being federal seed money, the Governor all but blew it for Montana when he went bumbling off at the mouth again, insulting members of Congress in Washington DC by telling them that he shampoos himself with that soap people wash skunked dogs with every time he visits them in DC.

Yes indeed, that really helped our case Governor.

Meanwhile, Wyoming has just finalized a coal gasification plant deal, and Colorado is vying for what might be the federal seed money.

As such, this places our Montana U.S. Senator Conrad Burns in an increasingly important position as Chairman of the Senate Interior Appropriations Committee

Senator Burns may be able to help Montana become one of the nation’s foremost leaders in coal gasification. Additionally, Rep. Denny Rehberg is also on the powerful House Appropriations Committee.

Thankfully, coal gasification in now in the hands of serious federal elected officials and experienced state legislators who are working quietly on the issue.

Perhaps Governor Schweitzer could, quite frankly, be quiet and let serious people do their job.

As one out-of-state member of Congress told me, “At this juncture, there may be a benefit to giving your Governor a roll of duct tape.” I didn’t have to ask if it was meant for the Governor’s mouth.

Rep. Rick Maedje(R)-Fortine

January 23, 2006 9:42 PM  
Blogger Kevin McCarthy said...

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February 04, 2006 8:44 PM  
Blogger Kevin McCarthy said...

Mr. Maedje:

Your grip on reality appears quite infirm.

I guess in your mind that Governor Schweitzer's current enormous approval rating in Montana is to be ignored.

The support Schweitzer has from a majority of Montanans just doesn't equate with your derogatory term for him.

Unless you believe that the vast majority of Montanans support buffoons. Care to lead with that at the top of your next political platform?

We're waiting for your answer...your silence is deafening.

I also imagine you will be 'going to the wall' to support soon-to-be ex-Senator Conrad Burns. What was it that Connie promised? Was it two terms and he would step down? Guess he hasn't gotten enough Abramoff 'funding' at that point and needs to remain in D.C. to 'represent' Montana so well.

The sewers on Capitol Hill and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue have backed up and are overflowing--Burnsie is a leading contributor to this filth.

And how many of your so-called 'serious' federally elected officials, those who receive your devout admiration because they are SO adept at solving the myriad of problems ordinary citizens face in this country (see Iraq, see MediCare, see national debt, see healthcare funding for veterans, see home heating costs, et al) are going down? Sure hope your Republican buddies look good in stripes.

Mr. Maedje, your diatribe against Brian Schweitzer is unbecoming and unsubstantiated.

Go ahead, continue to use unattributed 'bad-mouthings' of Governor Schweitzer. We wouldn't expect anything different from you. Keeping at that level, it's probably time for you and yours to attack the Governor's dog again.

Governor Schweitzer is doing just fine. If you can't handle or admit that then jump into the race for governor in a few years.

After all, even you should be able to receive a unanimous vote if your opponent is a buffoon, right?

February 05, 2006 11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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