Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Brian Schweitzer explains how to win

This time it's Governor Schweitzer appearing in Utah. Curiously, it is the tail end of article that is the most interesting:
...To replicate his success, Schweitzer says western Democrats, including those in Utah, must recognize they are a different breed than the species that exists in Washington and elsewhere - and campaign accordingly.
"We're different in the West than on either coast," he said. "In Montana we have 920,000 people and 7 million guns. We like to fish and hunt. We want to be safe. We want good schools. Those aren't Republican or Democratic values." The problem with the national Democratic party, Schweitzer added, is that it always chooses the smartest kid in class.
"In fifth grade, we didn't choose the smartest kid or the most handsome kid. We chose the most likeable. The Republicans have figured that out. We need good ideas and present them in a way that people will believe. We haven't done that."
To read the complete article, go here.


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