Sunday, June 25, 2006

Brian Schweitzer is tackling one of the problems with lobbyists

The Montana legislature wasn't strong enough to stand up and start to deal with the corrupting influences of lobbyists, political donations and the revolving door between corporate servants and legislators so Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is taking his measure directly to the people of the Big Sky State.

Please note that the Montana Republican Party has somehow yet to endorse this reform attempt. Hmmm, I wonder why?
Schweitzer stumps for lobbying reform initiative
By Helena Independent Record State Bureau - 06/22/06

HELENA ­ Gov. Brian Schweitzer and others turned in the last of 37,000 signatures Wednesday aimed at putting on the November ballot an initiative to forbid state elected officials and their top aides from becoming lobbyists for two years after leaving office.

“Public service is not about using your influence to line your pockets when you leave office,’’ Schweitzer said. “The people of Montana deserve better from their elected officials. They have a right to clean government.’’

...Schweitzer came up with the ballot measure after the 2005 Legislature killed his bill that would have imposed the same restrictions.

Under the proposal, state elected officials and their personal staff, legislators and, appointed state officials would have a two-year “cooling-off’’ period before they could join the ranks of lobbyists.

Backers have said passage of I-153 would give Montana the toughest revolving-door statue in the country...

...Besides the Montana Democratic Party, others endorsing I-153 are Common Cause and the Montana Public Interest Research Group.

So far, no organized opposition has surfaced.
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