Sunday, June 19, 2005

The genuine Governor

Kevin McCarthy at that other Draft Schweitzer site has a magnificent post up about why Schweitzer is the most genuine candidate for 2008. Some excerpts:

...For a country increasingly soured on the invasion of Iraq, with a majority of people believing President Bush failed to tell the truth about Iraq before invading, my sense is genuineness (hopefully real, not imagined) is going to produce the winning Democratic nominee in 2008.

Many voters will be looking first and foremost for believability. Granted, despite the absolute sincerity of the late Fred Rogers, he was not presidential material. So, the resume of the victor will need greater gravitas but it will built on a foundation of authenticity. ...

And if genuineness is the key to winning...

Now Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is generally not appearing in any polls to date. Well, maybe in the 'OTHER' category. But here is a politician who, as the old joke goes, look up his name in the dictionary and authentic is right beside it.

He will play adequately or well in most current Democratic strongholds. He will CERTAINLY come across well in the West and Southwest. Forget the Deep South because no Democrat is going to win there for years but Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia and maybe a couple of others are certainly possibilities.

Obviously, how Schweitzer does in the next two years in his governorship will be important but, right now, after one legislative term, he's impressing people. Let's turn up the Schweitzer Noise Machine!
I have only one disagreement with Kevin: I think Fred Rogers would have made a great president. But, um...that's just me. :)

In related news, this guy thinks he's running for President. His authenticity record? The last time he ran, he plagiarized a speech -- a WHOLE speech -- from a British MP. Pathetic.

We need Schweitzer something awful.


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