Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Schweitzer roundup, 6/22/05

Strands of pearl pointed out a wonderful Recommended Diary at by Gabriele Droz at Booman Tribune covering much the same ground as I did in this post, about Schweitzer's positive reception in Indian Country.

David Sirota has two pro-Schweitzer posts up today, one talking about how red-state Dem governors like Schweitzer and Freudenthal are creating a new environmental coalition between environmentalists and hunters/fishermen, and the other crediting Schweitzer with inspiring a Congressional crackdown on lobbyists.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle covers Schweitzer's appearance at the Western Society of Crop Science and Western Wheat Workers Joint Conference, in which the former soil scientist argued that Western farmers should be focusing on "specialty crops on irrigated land" and mentioned the following intriguing tidbit about new energy sources:

...[Schweitzer] said Montana and three other Western states have the ability to produce enough liquid fuel from its coal and oil shale to supply America for the next 800 years.

The technology to do so has existed for more than 80 years, but only recently have oil prices spiked high enough to make it competitive, he said.
And Yahoo! has a story on the Governor's attempts to better coordinate rural and urban healthcare in Montana through Electronic Health Records.

Sounding a little like The Note, are we? Whoops. Guess I should be more careful. :)


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