Monday, July 11, 2005

Montana Republicans dogging it

The Montana Republicans sure are straining themselves in yet another attempt to go after Governor Brian Schweitzer. Their veins must be popping out on their foreheads, their faces flush and hernias just around the corner with the heavy lifting the Montana GOP is doing.

Now, they have gone after Schweitzer's dog in trying to discredit the new Montana Governor.

From the Montana Republican Party web site comes this entry:

"Did you hear about Gov. Schweitzer’s 4th of July trip? (7/8/05)

It seems the Gov. pulled a hamstring in a parade, and then had to ride the rest of the parade route in a car and cancel appearances in a few other parades over the holiday weekend. The official report out of the Governor’s Office said he injured himself tossing a football with onlookers. But credible sources have it that Schweitzer actually injured himself when he tripped over his dog and constant companion, Jag.

How ironic. During the campaign, Schweitzer boasted that he would fire the governor’s bodyguards and use Jag as his sole means of security. Note to Jag: bodyguards are supposed to prevent injuries. Regardless, Schweitzer discarded the no-bodyguard pledge shortly after the election was over and, in fact, he now has the largest security force in state history."
Our take:

Karl Rove, unindicted or indicted, couldn't have put it better. "Credible sources" sure pins it down. Any bets that said sources have been seen in and around the gutter in front of Montana Republican Party headquarters?

And including a note to a dog in the post? Jag is a pooch of many talents but reading is not one of them.

Note to Governor Schweitzer: you better increase your bodyguard allotment because these individuals appear to be willing to stop at nothing. If you also have a pet cat, keep it under surveillance for approaching strangers bearing litter boxes.


Blogger Nonpartisan said...

Hilarious. Absolutely frickin' hilarious.

July 11, 2005 6:39 PM  

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