Thursday, July 07, 2005

Update on petition

Per Lefty Limblog's suggestion in comments, I've edited the petition so that you can register that you want to pledge a specific dollar amount to the campaign if Schweitzer runs. This is non-binding and will not actually take your money, but I urge you to be honest about whether and how much you want to pledge; inflated money pledges, as the Clark campaign found out to their detriment, will not help a potential candidate.

Data about the money will have to be tabulated by hand, which is fine for now. Also, if you've already signed the pledge and wish to add a monetary pledge, I'd ask you to sign again under the same name you originally signed. I'll go through periodically and delete repeat signatures (again, inflated totals won't help the Governor), leaving the one with your pledge up there.

As of now we are, in a single day, nearly at one-quarter of our goal for the month (23 signatures as of now). Exciting! You guys rock!

P.S. We are also approaching the 500-visitor mark for this site. Our average is about 10 hits a day.


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