Monday, June 27, 2005

Wanted: anti-establishment Democrats

Isaac Goldstein of Frontier PAC hits the nail on the head:

The time is ripe for a Democratic takeover. The race to define oneself as a reformer and Washington outsider is likely the most important for the upcoming 2006 elections. ...

We've done it in the Mountain West. We've got to push this meme outside the geographical boundaries of the West. The reformer image is the way to go!
And who better to carry the "reformer and Washington outsider" mantle in the coming election than Governor Schweitzer? If you don't believe me, go flyfishing with the guy. (Thanks to Granny Insanity for the tip on this one.) Then try to get Evan Bayh or Mark Warner or Hillary Clinton or John Edwards to flyfish with you. Remember, flyfishing Democratic politicians tend to be reformers.

So the new standard for political authenticity isn't "who would you rather have a beer with?" It's "who would you rather go flyfishing with?"


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