Monday, July 11, 2005

...And even more Schweitzer publicity

When David Sirota talks about Schweitzer, I'm all ears. Particularly when he's quoting from an article in Roll Call. And even more so when he's got Schweitzer standing up for Muslims in the Middle East, showing off more of his nascent foreign-policy acumen:

"Schweitzer said, 'When any political leader in America uses the term crusade, you can hardly imagine the kind of angst that you get in the Islamic world. That would be like waving a Confederate flag at an NAACP meeting in Alabama.'...Schweitzer said he doesn’t know what the president’s 'end game' in Iraq is. 'We now have the greatest part of our military force sitting smack-dab in the Middle East,' he said. 'It is true that Iraq is full of al Qaeda and lots of bad guys — we’ve attracted them like honey to come and fight us.'"
Quoth Sirota: "[Schweitzer] understands that, especially when we are bogged down in a seemingly endless war, Americans want their political leaders to demand honest answers from the powers-that-be." Hear, hear, David.

And on a personal note: a near-endorsement of Schweitzer from Chris at Javelin Blog, which has added us to their blogroll.


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